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When registered as a user:

  • You can submit your own request/appeal online to DC Government.
  • You can track the latest updates of your request/appeal.
  • You can send your messages as well as receive the same to/from DC Government.


Due to the minimal number of FOIA requests received each year, the following agencies are not on FOIAXpress. Please reach out to these agencies’ FOIA Officers to submit requests.



Contracts Appeals Board

Office of Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining

Office on African Affairs

DC Public Service Commission

Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Affairs

Office on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs

Department of Small and Local Business Development

Office of Motion Picture and Television Development

Office on Latino Affairs

Department of Youth
Rehabilitative Services

Office of Partnerships and Grant Services

Office on Returning Citizen Affairs

Deputy Mayor for Education

Office of the City Administrator

Office on Women’s Policy and Initiatives

Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice

Office of the Secretary

Sentencing and Criminal Code Revision Commission

Deputy Mayor Health and Human Services

Office of the Tenant Advocate

Serve DC

Office of Cable Television

Office of Veterans Affairs

State Board of Education

Office of Disability Rights

Office of Victim Services

United Medical Center

      • If you have requested to receive documents via PAL as your method of delivery, you will receive an email telling you when those documents are available. In order to retrieve those documents, you will need to Sign In to the system and check the status of your request. Upon reaching that screen, you will see a small download icon next to your request status. Click there in order to download the documents relating to your case onto your computer.

      • Please be sure that you are using Internet Explorer as your browser.

      The District government has a large quantity of dispersed information that is designed to make the government more open and transparent,

      including documents and information on the following websites:

      Main Open Government Advisory Group | FOIA Information | Open Data Catalog | TrackDC | DC Regs | Contracts Database | Fiscal Budgets 

      Contact FOIA Office

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