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Under D.C. Official Code § 2-532, the District of Columbia has fifteen (15) business days, subject to the possibility of a ten (10) business-day extension, to respond to your public record request as of the date of receipt. However, if the public record requested in a body-worn camera recording recorded by the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department, the District of Columbia has twenty-five (25) business days to respond, subject to the possibility of a fifteen (15) business-day extension.

The District of Columbia’s processing of D.C. Freedom of Information Act requests submitted between March 11, 2020 and January 15, 2021, may have been delayed or tolled completely due to the COVID-19 public health emergency. Those requests will now be processed no later than forty-five (45) business days after January 15, 2021.

If the District of Columbia’s processing of your FOIA request requires conducting an on-site review of records during the time when the Mayor of the District of Columbia has declared a public health emergency or if the public body is closed due to COVID-19, the new law allows up to forty-five (45) days after the public health emergency or COVID-19 closure has ended to process your request.

Perhaps Your Data is Already Public

Please take the time to view the documents, data, and other information that are published in our FOIA Reading Room and Open Data DC where public records released under FOIA can be located. 

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